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Philosophy of Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Reasoning of Education - Essay Example In actuality, training as he saw it has a reason and I accept this is the quality of this instructive way of thinking as it is centered around something, other than only esteeming instruction, for the wellbeing of education, which could demonstrate very well for the individuals who have consistently the advantage of getting training at whatever point or any place. In any case, considering the more noteworthy job that instruction plays in the public eye, being dynamic in outlook, keeps a teacher just as understudies engaged and persuaded. For understudies, this way of thinking sends the message that learning or training isn't simply intended to be gained so one could be a bonafide citizen, but instead so society could be improved in light of the fact that someone else has got taught. In addition, understudies are encouraged that they don't live in a vacuum, as instruction is best learned with regards to learning with others. Another of progressivism's qualities is that in it no inform ation is ever the right, total or genuine information - rather information is there to be persistently rediscovered, extended and widened, and altered if the need emerges.

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Life In A Temperate Grassland

Life In A Temperate Grassland As much as one-fifth of the Earths surface is shrouded in wild grasses in biomes referred to, suitably, as meadows. These biomes are portrayed by the plants that develop there, however they likewise draw in an interesting exhibit of creatures into their realm.â Savannas and Grasslands: Whats the distinction? Both are commanded by grass and scarcely any trees just as hooved creatures that can run quick from predators, so whats the distinction between a field and a savanna? Basically a savanna is one kind of prairie found in tropical areas. It by and large gets more dampness and in this manner has a couple of a greater number of trees than meadows in the remainder of the world. The other sort of meadow - referred to all the more just as a mild field - encounters regular changes during the time that bring sweltering summers and cold winters. Calm prairies get simply enough dampness to help the development of grasses, blossoms, and herbs, yet very little else. This article will concentrate on the plants, creatures, and locales of the universes mild prairie biomes. Where in the World Are Grasslands Found? Calm prairies are described by theirâ hot summers, cold winters, and rich soils. Theyâ can be found all through North America - from Canadas prairies to the fields of the midwestern United States. They are additionally found in different pieces of the world, yet they are known here under various names. In South America, fields are called pampas, in Hungary they are called pusztas, while in Eurasia they are known as steppes. Calm meadows found in South Africa are called veldts. Plants in the Grassland: More than simply grass! As you would expect, grasses are the overwhelming plant species developing in prairies. Grasses, for example, grain, bison grass, pampas grass, purple needlegrass, foxtail, rye grass, wild oats, and wheat are the primary plants that develop in these biological systems. The measure of yearly precipitation influences the tallness of the grasses that develop in mild prairies, with taller grasses developing in wetter regions. In any case, that is everything to these rich and ripe biological systems. Blossoms, for example, sunflowers, goldenrods, clover, wild indigos, asters, and blasting stars make their home among those grasses, as complete a few types of herbs. Precipitation in field biomes is frequently sufficiently high to help grasses and a couple of little trees, yet generally trees are uncommon. Flames and unpredictable atmosphere for the most part keep trees and backwoods from dominating. With such a large amount of a grass development happening underground or low to the ground, they can endure and recuperate from flames more rapidly than bushes and trees. Additionally, the dirts in prairies, while fruitful, are ordinarily slim and dry, making it hard for trees to endure. Mild Grassland Animals There are very few spots for prey creatures to avoid predators in prairies. In contrast to savannas, where there is a huge decent variety of creatures present, calm prairies are commonly ruled by only a couple of types of herbivores such asâ bison, bunnies, deer, gazelle, gophers, prairie dogs,and elands. Since there are very few spots to stow away in the entirety of that grass, some field species -, for example, mice, prairie canines, and gophers have adjusted by burrowing tunnels to escape predators, for example, coyotes and foxes. Birds, for example, birds, falcons, and owls likewise discover loads of simple prey in meadows. Arachnids and creepy crawlies, to be specific grasshoppers, butterflies, crickets, and manure scarabs are in plenitude in mild meadows similar to a few snake animal groups. Dangers to Grasslands The essential danger faces by prairie environments is the annihilation of their territory for agrarian use. On account of their rich soils, mild prairies are as often as possible changed over to cultivate land. Horticultural yields, for example, corn, wheat, and different grains develop well in field soils and atmosphere. What's more, local creatures, for example, sheep and cows, love to eat there. In any case, this demolishes the fragile parity of the biological system and evacuates the living space for the creatures and different plants that consider the mild prairies their home. Discovering area to develop yields and bolster livestock is significant, however so are fields, and the plants and creatures that live there.

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Riot Round-Up The Best Books We Read in February

Riot Round-Up The Best Books We Read in February We asked our contributors to share the best book they read this month. We’ve got fiction, nonfiction, YA, and much, much more- there are book recommendations for everyone here! Some are old, some are new, and some aren’t even out yet. Enjoy and tell us about the highlight of your reading month in the comments. Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye (March 22, Putnam) This Victorian novel follows Jane Steele, an orphan whose life mirrors that of her favorite literary heroine, Jane Eyre. Their paths diverge at this one fine point, however: Jane Steele is a serial killer. She uses her wit, nerves, and slight sociopathy to off abusive men, all the while wondering  what would Jane Eyre think? This book scratched all my favorite itches: Victoriana, feminist rage, and excellent, gut-punch sentences. Youll love this Jane just as much as you love the original. Amanda Nelson Alex As Well by Alyssa Brugman (US pub Square Fish, January 2016, originally published January 2013) This quick, simple book is not the greatest work of literature that I’ve read this year, but it is important. I’m not sure if I know anyone who is intersex, but Alex and her counterpart are such authentic characters that I feel like I do now. Written from the point of view of a fourteen year old with ambiguous genitalia but raised as a boy, Alex as Well explores what could happen when said teenager stops taking their medication and begins to explore the possibilities of living as their genuine self. And yes, I did start reading this book a couple hours before I was supposed to meet people for drinks and spent a half hour outside the bar finishing it up. Jessica Pryde Barkskins  by Annie Proulx (Scribner, June 14) This is the first novel from Annie Proulx (The Shipping News, Brokeback Mountain) in fourteen years!!!! Spoiler: IT’S SO GOOD. It’s a 736-page multigenerational family saga revolving around two Frenchmen and their descendants, that takes place over the span of three hundred years. René Sel and Charles Duquet sail to “New France” to work the land for a feudal lord in order to gain land for themselves. Under harsh conditions in hostile territory, they manage to survive, and go on to raise families that will themselves travel the world and also face adversity. Some of the situations in the novel are brutal, but Proulx has never been one to offer up an easy story. What she gives us is amazing writing and storytelling that will kick your heart around your ribcage like a soccer ball. We loves the precious. Liberty Hardy Dark Places  by Gillian Flynn I read this almost immediately after finishing Flynn’s Sharp Objects. I rarely read books by the same author one after the other, but the authenticity of Flynns stories and the unsavory subject matter is too enthralling. Dark Places, like Sharp Objects, felt like going behind the scenes for one of those gruesome stories you hear about in the news. And that’s what this book is aboutwhat actually happened to the people in the tabloids. It follows Libby Day, a woman who, in childhood, lost her family to a brutal, media-friendly murder, as she searches for answers and tries to solve the crime long after the case closes. Flynn is masterful at finding the monsters in the crowd and making them as fascinating as they are repulsive. S. Zainab Williams The Day of Abandonment  by Elena Ferrante If you finished Ferrante’s masterful Neapolitan Quartet and wanted more, you may find yourself picking up this book. It is clear from the first page that this is the same Ferrante, and yet this book is more brutal, more raw, more honest, more unapologetic than the Neapolitan books and I suspect some readers will not be able to get through it. Olga’s husband leaves her suddenly, and she makes her way through the months that follow sometimes in a fog, sometimes in a self-destructive spiral. It is a frustrating book, as you watch Olga flounder, but it is also bursting with Ferrante’s distinctive prose and her wise insight into the human condition. Jessica Woodbury The End of the Perfect 10: The Making and Breaking of Gymnastics’ Top Score From Nadia to Now  by Dvora Meyers (Touchstone, July 5, 2016) As a former competitive gymnast myself, I found this book enlightening and transformative. I grew up in the era of the 9.9s and 10.0s, and this book unpacked the mysteries of the new scoring system and gave me renewed interest in watching gymnastics at Rio. I loved reading about where my favorite gymnasts have ended up as well learning the names of (and watching on YouTube) the newer crop of elite and college level gymnasts. A terrific read for anyone interested in this incredible sport. Karina Glaser The Gilded Years  by Karin Tanabe (Washington Square Press, June 7) This charming, thoughtful, and affecting book tells the story of the first black woman to attend Vassar. That she attended as a white woman, passing and always at risk of exposure, drives the plot and allows Tanabe to tell a rich, complicated story about race, gender, education, love, and belonging in the Gilded Age. Give The Gilded Years a try if you’re drawn to any of the following: historical fiction, Edith Wharton, the history of women’s colleges, Nella Larsen, passing as a literary device and historical fact, or reading good books. Derek Attig God in Pink  by Hasan Namir (Arsenal Pulp Press) I think I only read one book this month due to moving, so it’s probably a good thing that I enjoyed the book. God in Pink was a sometimes brutal but also sometimes sweet (or bittersweet, given the topic at hand) account of a young, gay Iraqi man who wants nothing less than to get married off to a womanunfortunately, that’s what is slated to happen, since he can’t be openly gay. Heartbreaking. Susie Rodarme Good on Paper  by Rachel Cantor As soon as I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. In a previous life, I was a Spanish and French tutor, and spent a lot of time thinking about relationships between languages. I’ve also dabbled in translation and still dream of translating books. So a book whose main character is a literary translator was always going to be a winner for me. I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did in the first third or so, though, and I certainly didn’t foresee where the plot was going. Kudos to Rachel Cantor for weaving Dante and his literature as well as existential thoughts about language into a very believable character’s psyche and into the storyline of a quirky, unexpected, enjoyable, thoughful, smart, educational novel. Claire Handscombe Homegoing  by Yaa Gyasi (Knopf, June 7) I don’t know what higher compliment to give this book that to say that it was responsible for a very burnt curry one night. I was just going to read a couple of pages while the sauce simmered! There is no “couple of pages” with this tale of two half sisters in Ghana, Effia and Esi, and their descendants. Rich, evocative and emotional, I savoured every page. Rachel Weber How to Be Black  by Baratunde Thurston (HarperCollins, 2012) This is one of the funniest autobio-type books I’ve ever read. Thurston takes a satirical approach to his “guide” based on his personal experiences, but the book is really more than that. There’s some excellent (and educational!) commentary in there not just from the author, but from an actual panel of folks who come from various backgrounds, both culturally and professionally. It’s broken up into short chunks based on various issues or stages of his life, and questions about when and how one begins to perceive themselves and identify as black (or white, or, or, or). Super smart, accessible, and flows wonderfully. Kristina Pino Margaret the First  by Danielle Dutton (Catapult, March 15 2016) A fabulous (and fabulist) re-imagining of the infamous Margaret Cavendish, a seventeenth-century duchess who wrote feminist philosophy and utopian science fiction in an era when being an eccentric (see: attending the theater in a topless ballgown) and writer was an unthinkable career path for a woman. Margaret the First isn’t a historical novel, however; magnificently weird and linguistically dazzling, it’s a book as much about how difficult and rewarding it is for an ambitious, independent, and gifted woman to build a life as an artist in any era as it is about Margaret herself. Incredibly smart, innovative, and refreshing, Margaret the First will resonate with anyone who’s struggled with forging her own path in the world. Sarah McCarry Ravensbrück  by Sarah Helm This is a detailed historical account of life in Ravensbrück, the only German concentration camp designed solely for women. It covers the camp from its inception as a place to punish the unwanted in pre-war German society (i.e. communists, Jews, prostitutes, lesbians, etc.), it’s evolution into a massive slave labor machine, and finally its conversion into a full blown extermination camp. Ravensbrück fell behind the Iron Curtain after the war and it seems that most societies didn’t want to hear about the horrors experienced by the victims. As a result, much of its history has been obscured until now. Ravensbrück deeply examines the logistics of the camp operation and the personal stories of both the prisoners and guards, lending unique insight into the psychological atmosphere of the camp. This is one of the most important books I’ve ever readâ€"and one of the most difficult. Kate Scott Real Artists Have Day Jobs: (And Other Awesome Things They Dont Teach You In School)  by Sara Benincasa (William Marrow, April 26) A total win from beginning to end. All 52 of these essays are a combination of funny, sad, hopeful, and heartbreaking for different reasons. Each is approachable, thought-provoking, and really relatable, especially for younger women. Benincasa balances serious stuff with the more fun, but even in those fun essays, theres a big old piece of wisdom to walk away with. Some key takeaways: masturbate, enjoy rainbows, mental illness sucks, writer fan letters to people whose work you love, youre an artist if you think youre an artist, having kids or getting married doesnt make you an adult, tell people what you want and that you deserve it (outside the bedroom and inside it, too), make art like a little kid (just play because you want to play!), breath work is great, taking walks without a purpose except to move is excellent, ask people more questions, fire people from your life who dont deserve to be there, and you dont have to like everyone. Probably perfect for those 20-somethings trying to feel their way into the world, as well as more mature readers who need some more love along the way (or want to feel like they get it because theyre right there with Benincasa). Kelly Jensen Shiverton Hall by Emerald Fennell A middle grade book about a creepy academy in England, written by one of the stars of Call the Midwife. Who NOT FOR NOTHING studied English at Oxford. Alice Burton Shelter  by Jung Yun (Picador, March 15th) The Vegetarian left me craving for another dark read and I could not have selected better. Shelter repeatedly surprised me as Kyung, unfulfilled and struggling to make ends meet, suddenly finds himself having to take in his parents. Parents who he’s never forgiven for his childhood. And while he was fine with ignoring things before, having never even told his wife, he can no longer pretend that the family facade is real. Profound and dark this story stayed with me as it confronted multigenerational family issues, racism, abuse, religion while questioning if people ever change and when is it time to stop blaming your past for your present. Jamie Canaves Summer of Supernovas  by Darcy Woods (May 10th, Crown) In the running for “sweetest read of 2016” Darcy Woods’ debut novel  Summer of Supernovas  is a wonderfully swoon-filled, delightfully awkward romp through the haphazard romantic life of Wilamena “Wil” Carlisle, a teenager that’s absolutely obsessed with astrology and the Zodiac. She’s made up her mind that she needs to find her soulmate in a set amount of time, due to an incoming planetary alignment. The result is a lovely, quirky, and hysterical book about questioning fate and what you’ve been taught to believe. Keep an eye out for this one in May.   Eric Smith These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas This frothy, Victorian-era adventure/paranormal romance hit just the right spot while I was traveling late in the month. Described as “Jane Austen meets X-Men,” These Vicious Masks has a flinty and determined protagonist, Evelyn, who will not give up in her quest to find her missing sister, despite the rules that society wants her to follow. Evelyn is assisted and pursued by two dashing men, the charming Mr. Kent and the brooding, Byron-esque Mr. Braddock, both of whom have special powers and who want to help Evelyn understand her own unnatural abilities. The story is a ton of fun and the ending sets up a some excellent future adventures for Evelyn and her supernatural partners. Kim Ukura The Vegetarian by Han Kang Han Kangs The Vegetarian is f-blanking weird and kind of amazing. Bizarre because its about a woman who suddenly rejects eating meat after a series of bad dreams and whose life fully falls into the realm of the creepy for the rest of the book. Amazing because its compelling enough that I read it in one sitting. Andi Miller When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams This has been a stunning meditation on being a woman and the relationship between mothers and daughters. Nikki Steele Gabi, A Girl In Pieces by Isabel Quintero Early contender for my favorite book of 2016. I read this in a single gut punch of an afternoon and know I’ll need to return to it for the poetry and body empowerment zine alone. I loved Gabi’s voice, her certainty and confusion, her POETRY, her friends, her longing for her father, her complicated relationship with her mother, her kisses, her love of snack food, and the way that Quintero effortlessly brings us into her world. I want to buy a copy for every high school girl I know. Ashlie Swicker Ask Me How I Got Here by Christine Heppermann (Greenwillow Books, May 3) Fellow Rioter Kelly’s high praise of this verse novel piqued my interest, and I’m happy to confirm that it’s truly a brilliant piece of literature. Addie is at once relatable and unique, and it’s difficult not to feel for her as she considers the option of abortion. Heppermann leaves all judgment at the door, instead focusing on Addie as she deals with the strange path her life’s taken. Understanding and compassion are central to the narrative, but there is a wittiness and gravity to Addie’s thoughts that is so very empowering. She might be a teenage girl, but she’s a teenage girl who owns herself and loves herself, and that makes this book a story that I wish I’d had growing up. Angel Cruz Year’s Best Weird Fiction Volume 2 Edited by Kathe Koja and Michael Kelly This is simply an amazing collection of last year’s best “weird” fiction. The stories are all somewhere in between urban fantasy and horror, written by talent such as Caitlín R Kiernan, Nathan Ballingrud, and Carmen Maria Machado, the last of which I had never heard of before but am now desperately scrambling to get my hands on everything she’s written. I love discovering new writers in anthologies, it’s part of what I love about them.  Year’s Best Weird Fiction V2 is gorgeous inside and out and clearly Michael Kelly and Kathe Koja have an keen eye for talent. Highlights for me include Carmen Maria Machado’s The Husband Stitch, which is a bit, erm, racy, Caitlín Kiernan’s Bus Fare and Rich Larson’s The Air We Breathe is Stormy, Stormy. Johann Thorsson Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist by Sunil Yapa This debut novel focuses on the events of one day during the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle. The narrative moves seamlessly between the demonstrators who want to shut down the talks, the police officers trying to clear the streets to allow the delegates to get to their meetings, and the delegates convening to decide the fates of nations. This novel is powerful, raw, empathetic absolute fire. Valerie Michael

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Managing Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace Essay - 3696 Words

Diversity as an issue is new. It became an issue when three powerfully significant trends reached their own critical points at about the same time (Fernandez Barr, 1993): The global market in which American corporations must now do business became intensely competitive. The makeup of the U.S. work force began changing dramatically, becoming more diverse. Individuals began to increasingly celebrate their differences and become less amenable to compromising what makes them unique. This inclination represents a marked departure from previous times when predispositions were to fit in. To succeed in this highly competitive environment, managers must find ways to get the highest level of contribution from their workers. And†¦show more content†¦Workforce 2000 projects the highest rate of increase for Asian Americans and Hispanics; however, Asian Americans will be less significant numerically than Hispanics because they are growing from a much smaller base. The labor participation growth rate of white women will be relatively smaller, but because they are expanding from a large base, the increase will be numerically substantial (Johnston Packer, 1987). The projection refers to work force growth. It doesnt mean that the prominence of white males in the labor force will change dramatically. In 1985 white males composed 49 percent of the labor force; by 2000, they will constitute approximately 45 percent (Johnston Packer, 1987). However, in a number or companies, women and minorities already compose large portions of the existing work force and as much as 80 percent of new hires. For managers of these organizations, the future is now. Labor Shortage An equally significant prediction is that overall the work force will grow at a declining rate. For the decade ending in 1990, the projected growth rate was 27 percent; for the decade ending in the year 2000, it is 11 percent (Johnston Packer, 1987). One important implication of our changing demographics is the very real potential for a labor shortage. Managers are expected to experience increasingShow MoreRelatedManaging Diversity Within The Workplace1605 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract- Managing Diversity in the workplace requires a lot of focus, training, and time. This paper gives an insight into the world of management and how diversity plays a big part. It explores the key benefits to putting emphasis on diversity and also how not putting emphasis on diversity could hurt your business. This paper also gives examples on how to go about managing diversity in the workplace. With proper focus on managing diversity, your organization can be at a big advantage. I. INTRODUCTIONRead MoreThe Challenges Of Human Resource Management872 Words   |  4 Pagesterms of workplace globalization is workplace diversity. Diversity is the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : VARIETY; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization programs intended to promote diversity in schools.( Human Resource Management deal with managing a diverse work force from all around the world merging race, gender, ethnic groupRead MoreThe Impact Of Contemporary Uk On New Zealand Essay1728 Words   |  7 Pagesnew technology that have become available. Due to this phenomenon, businesses have required to become more creative and embrace change as an essential method of staying competitive in their marketplace. The increase in ethnic group migration to New Zealand and the concept of managing this diverse range of cultur e and interacting with individuals with different cultures, belief systems is a current issue that impacts contemporary organisations in New Zealand. According to Sayers (2012), countries throughoutRead MoreEssay about Cultural Competency in the Workplace1197 Words   |  5 Pagesmixture of ethnic back grounds and women who hold just as many if not more management positions then men. Just by looking at the changes in management demographics shows how important it is for people to understand cultural competency in the workplace. Dr. Roosevelt Thomas Jr. (1999) stated, â€Å"Diversity is the collective mixture of whomever we have in our workforce characterized by their differences and similarities† (p.11). Managers and supervisors must understand the characteristics of a diversity matureRead MoreBusiness Case And Moral Case Justification For Diversity Management1748 Words   |  7 Pagesthe organisation. More often than not, there will be some sort of discrimination in the w orkplace, especially with a very diverse workforce. Therefore, with proper training and benefits to ensure the development of these employees, and legislation and policy to ensure equality and reduce discrimination within the workforce, it can drive competitive advantage and organisational profit. When looking at diversity in the workforce, the business case and the moral case justification are often necessaryRead MoreThe Impact Of Diversity On The Workplace1609 Words   |  7 Pages3.2. Positive impacts The diversity has always been a concern for businesses and governments because the minority can feel sometimes left out and excluded for the employment sector. Therefore it has always been a priority for any government. They want to prove that they have been elected and are representing the entire population not just a group of people. Also businesses want to send a good image to their customers that they care about everyone even the minority. First of all, Kirton and GreeneRead MoreAnalysis Of Soni And David Pitts On Diversity And Work Performance1379 Words   |  6 Pageson the topics of diversity and work performance. I will discuss a brief review of Soni’s theoretical model of receptivity to diversity and summarize her findings. Secondly, I will examine the relationship between diversity and work related outcomes presented by David Pitts. Thirdly, I will consider the assumptions of diversity and work performance and lastly, address the theories and recap the conclusions. As I read the article, â€Å"A twenty-first-century reception for diversity in the public sector:Read MoreImportance of Understanding Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Differences by Managers and Other Professionals744 Words   |  3 PagesThe majority of hospitals have come to realize that staffs from various ethnic and cultural back-grounds, as well as those of different gender bring a great deal of value perspective. With more and more patients being of different cultural backgrounds, and ethnicities, it is due to this reason why hav-ing a clear understanding of cultural , ethnic and gender differences among hospital professionals is given the backup it deserves. (Dennis Small, 2003). Managers in particular within the hospitalRead MoreManaging Diversity Within An Organization1674 Words   |  7 PagesManaging Diversity is often defined as a â€Å"management philosophy of recognising and valuing heterogeneity in organisations with a view to improve organisational performance† (Ozbilgin and Tatli, 2011). Hence recognising the wide variety of qualities possessed by people within an organisation and creating an environment that understands, values and utilises the differences within people. Due to the rapidly growing trends of a more diverse workforce, diverse market and globalisations of businesses,Read MoreThe Multicultural Workforce Essay1653 Words   |  7 PagesThe Multicultural Workforce: Inside Worldwide Telecommunications Inc. Introduction Telecommunication is a vital element within a growing company. But it is the diversity of a multicultural workforce that is the actual drive of the business. Telecommunication is the fastest way businesses are conducted all over the world. Employees would be lost without the aide of their computers, fax machines, and cellular phones. These machines not only make the work load process smoother and faster

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Practical Guide to Market Research - 62092 Words

All rights reserved Copyright  © Paul Hague Paul Hague is hereby identified as author of this work in accordance with Section 77 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 This book is published by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd 28–30 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3HY. This book is sold subject to the conditions that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the author’s or publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. A CIP record for this book is available from the British Library†¦show more content†¦Anyone with a serious interest is urged to broaden their knowledge by reading widely and the references at the end of the book point to where you can obtain more detail. The book is designed around the curriculum for the Market Research Society/City Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Market Social Research and, as a complement to this book, readers will find it very helpful to sign up for the on-line course on There are three main sections to the book: †¢ An introduction to market research – covering the basics of market research, setting research objectives, research design and an introduction to research methodologies. The tools of the market researcher – covering qualitative and quantitative tools, sampling, interviewing methods and questionnaire design. Completing the market research process – covering data analysis and interpretation, reporting and communicating the findings and a background to the market research industry. †¢ †¢ In writing the book I pay tribute to my former partner in business, Peter Jackson, who shared the authorship of many of the previous books I have written. Peter is now, deservedly, walking the hills of Devon. Many times when writing I have referred back to his notes and always found them instructive and helpful. So too I have drawn on much of the good material written in books and white papers by Nick Hague, Matt Harrison and Carol-Ann Morgan, my colleagues at B2B International. PaulShow MoreRelatedMargaret Ledwith s Community Development : A Critical Approach1506 Words   |  7 Pagesdevelopment are introduced in the shape of five vital dimensions of community development (policy context, radical agenda, globalized times, critical praxis and action for change). For the reader’s benefit, these are outlined as a living process to guide the reader through the book. The discussion is underpinned by an urgent call for community development, in an effort to reclaim its radical and sustainable agenda in a manner that has social justice and participatory democracy at its core. Right awayRead MoreOverview of George Barna, the Barna Group, and the Book, How to Increase Giving in Your Church1019 Words   |  4 Pagesis happening is through people like George Barna. George Barna is the founder of a market research and analysis firm that specializes in the study of religious beliefs and behavior, The Barna Group. He is a prolific writer, and has contributed greatly to the uncovering of socio-cultural issues surrounding modern religious behavior. He has coined several new terms that combine religiosity with marketing research; the Mosaic Generation, or those born between 1984 and 2002, comfortable with contradictionRead MoreDigital Product Blueprint By Eben Pagan Essay1077 Words   |  5 Pagesoperating a virtual business. Digital Product Blueprint is a new product from Get Altitude. It is Eben Pagan’s most practical course on fundamental business aspects such as creation, presentation, marketing and product information delivery. Entrepreneurs can use this information to learn everything needed to create an information high demand product that sells itself to the market. Digital Blueprint is a proven 90-day course that talks several steps. Live training is done by Eben Pagan himself;Read MoreSuccessful Business Success1474 Words   |  6 Pagesthe roster. As the business grows, even more attention needs to go into hiring and cultivating the right team members to maintain the vision and direction of the business. Once a business plan in place, an attorney and CPA should be consulted to guide in the right decisions regarding the entity. Entity structure is an important decision with lasting impact. Professionals are a great resource to view and provide feedback on your business plan. Legal and financial professional will provide theRead MoreMarketing Audit977 Words   |  4 Pagesis as follows: * Prepare a proposal * Complete an external audit * Complete an internal audit * Draw conclusions * Prepare report The proposal report should cover the main research project, what the research objectives are, how you plan to research the market, when you plan to research (including timelines) and a budget. This is pitched at senior management and department representatives. The external environment is broken into 2 sections: the macro environment and the microRead MoreSocial Media And Marketing Essay1366 Words   |  6 PagesChanges in the market and emerging promotional tools There has been a tremendous amount of change in the global markets in the past few years. This has predominantly due to the fact that there is a shift in the consumer mindset, consumption patterns, changes in demography and organizational attitude brought through by advancement in technology. This has led to a change in marketing strategies and practices across the world. Marketing thinkers and companies are prompted to frequently re-think theirRead MoreTraining Process in Sas1207 Words   |  5 PagesData Manipulation Techniques PRG2 * SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies PRG3 * Querying and Reporting Using SAS Enterprise Guide EGQR4 * SAS Programming for SAS Enterprise Guide Users EGPRG1 * SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials MAC1 * SAS SQL 1: Essentials SQL1 * Advanced Querying Using SAS Enterprise Guide EGAQ4 * SAS Certification Review: Base Programming for SAS ®9 CRB Report Writer * SAS Color Graphics GRAP9 Business User * Introduction toRead MoreA Practical Guide to Market Segmentation1277 Words   |  6 PagesA Practical Guide To Market Segmentation There are ten basic steps in finding unique segments in your customer base. Segmentation can be created by looking at factors such as purchase history, industry, need, and behaviour. B2B International shares their segmentation methodology in this white paper. STEP 1: ALWAYS MAKE KEY ACCOUNTS A SEGMENT ON THEIR OWN Every company needs to segment its customers. Customers aren’t all the same and they shouldn’t be treated as such. Virtually every businessRead MoreSocial Media and Marketing1410 Words   |  6 PagesChanges in the market and emerging promotional tools There has been a tremendous amount of change in the global markets in the past few years. This has predominantly due to the fact that there is a shift in the consumer mindset, consumption patterns, changes in demography and organizational attitude brought through by advancement in technology. This has led to a change in marketing strategies and practices across the world. Marketing thinkers and companies are prompted to frequently re-think theirRead MoreThe Relevance Of Nyerere s Philosophy Of Education Essay1556 Words   |  7 PagesResearch Question 2 What are views on the relevance of Nyerere’s philosophy of education based on education for self-reliance and education for liberation towards academically oriented university education? Table 2 presents the distribution of responses on a likert scale on the perceived relevance of Nyerere’s philosophy of education based on education for self-reliance and education for liberation. The codes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 corresponded to Strongly Disagree (SD), Disagree (D), Neutral (N), Agree

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Ambition as a Theme in Macbeth Free Essays

In todays society, different themes such as ambition, good vs. evil, and believing in superstitions are still prevalent. Similar to Macbeth, many people will go great lengths in order to achieve their goals in life. We will write a custom essay sample on Ambition as a Theme in Macbeth or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some are consumed with ambition to the point where it doesn’t matter what the consequences are for their actions as long as they are satisfied. An example of this is seen when our economy fell into a deep recession as a result of ambitious business people. Good vs. evil is oftentimes viewed in todays society through our Justice system. It is this constant battle between the police and criminals that keep our society at balance. Superstitions play a big part in some cultures and are still prevalent in todays society. Just like Macbeth, people follow these superstitions that are put into their mind. They believe that there will be a bad outcome so, they follow these superstitions to keep out of danger or bad fortune. When the three witches informed Macbeth about his prophesy he was in shock but felt anxious for it to happen sooner than later. The ambition that made him want to fulfill that prophesy took a lot of wrong doing but he went ahead and did it anyways. The fact that his wife’s ambition for Macbeth was even stronger than his own and encourages him even more to make that prophesy come true. In todays society there are many ambitious people out there because without ambition people wouldn’t get very far and would Just give up. For high school teenagers their ambition may be wanting to attend a college of their choice and will work hard in order to omplete their goal. Along with ambition, violence is also s recurring theme in Macbeth because there was a murder in basically every act. Throughout the play there is a lot of killing, fighting and blood, which are all results of violence. No matter how much we wish violence wasn’t around in todays society it is still present because of the disagreement between two parties. War is a big factor of violence because two countries or whoever cant come to an agreement so they result in violence. How to cite Ambition as a Theme in Macbeth, Papers

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Service User Participation Myth Or Reality Social Work Essay Essay Example

Service User Participation Myth Or Reality Social Work Essay Essay As with all my past assignments, I have been aware non to utilize any names of service users or so the name of the administration I am employed by to keep namelessness and protect the confidentiality of the service users who avail of the service. This assignment has non required the aid of any service users or information from the bureau, hence, namelessness is non of issue in this piece of work, and I have non needed to inquire for their consent. The past 10 old ages have seen more acknowledgment and credence of the right of service users to take part in developing societal attention, particularly given the new duties that cardinal authorities legislative and policy enterprises have placed on administrations to confer with service users. As a consequence, service users are progressively asked to take portion in the planning, proviso and rating of services. This has created involvement in what works in engagement and why. Therefore, this assignment will look at issues around service user engagement, in peculiar, I will specify the footings participation , and service user , expression at the history of engagement, analyse Arnsteins ladder and its utilizations for engagement, good pattern and barriers to engagement, which shall include theory and research, to complete one shall discourse what is the deduction of engagement to societal work pattern. We will write a custom essay sample on Service User Participation Myth Or Reality Social Work Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Service User Participation Myth Or Reality Social Work Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Service User Participation Myth Or Reality Social Work Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Service user engagement has emerged more so in the last 30 old ages as a cardinal characteristic in societal work policy, pattern, research and instruction. The accent on democracy in the UK over the past century has implied that members of society have a right to take part in civil life, and this accent on engagement has bit by bit been extended to public services ( Taylor et al 2004 ) . Service user engagement has been a cardinal subject in the modernization docket when defining and development services, it has besides been highlighted within recent statute law to affect service users in every facet of attention planning, bringing and reappraisal, besides in the engagement of service users and carers in the reform of societal work instruction ( Warren, 2009 ) . Service user engagement has been influenced by a figure of societal policy theories including consumerism, citizenship, human rights based theories and societal justness attacks, all have helped to organize a model for current pattern in service user engagement ( Abel et al, 2007 ) . However this country is a extremely complex and contested country with small research into how engagement really works in pattern, although there are many published plants on how engagement should be achieved but non how the result of engagement has been achieved. This is because the specifying the footings participation and service user can be hard to specify because of linguistic communication used and are subjective, for illustration, one person may depict themselves as something different to another. What is a service user? Beresford ( 2005, p471 ) states that Service user has tended to develop as a generic term to depict people who receive, have received or are eligible for wellness and societal attention services, peculiarly on a longer term footing . Beresford ( 2000, P489 ) besides highlights the term service user as debatable because it views people chiefly in footings of their usage of services, which may non be how they would specify themselves . A service user Tyler ( 2006 ) states that Being termed a service user is meaningless to anyone if it does non see the individual behind the label. Although I am proud of whom I am, what I have achieved and bask being me, it is of import that people see the bigger image of who I am . The label service user applies to us all, we all use services, some persons more than others which allow them to portion their single ideas and experiences to profit others. Determining our lives ( 2003 ) give their ain definition and depict this as the term service user can be used to curtail their individuality as if all they are is a inactive receiver of wellness and public assistance services they go to state that this do it look that the most of import thing about them is that they use or have used services and ignores other things that make a individual who they are . This definition indicates that persons are people foremost and thier commonalty of utilizing services and their shared experiences can assist to do betterments to services. However, each person s positions are different to each other s depending on their experiences and hence are non a homogeneous group. What is Participation? The Oxford lexicon ( 2010 ) defines engagement as the act of taking portion in something. However, ( Braye 2000, p9 ) states that the linguistic communication of engagement is complex ; the same term means different things to different people, and the same construct may be known as a figure of footings , such as partnership, engagement, and working together and coaction. Karen Healey ( 2000 ) has, for case, claimed that there is no cosmopolitan definition of user engagement or user engagement. The construct must ever be placed in a context. User engagement is therefore construed and perceived otherwise in different contexts. Public, societal and single. Involve understanding engagement. Engagement can include affecting the service user in the appraisal of their demands ; guaranting that their wants and feelings are taken into history, besides in the planning of services required, an illustration of this can be seen in direct payment and single budgets, and besides in the reviewing of attention programs and within meetings where determinations are to be made, this is specifically true in kids s services. The UN Convention ( 1989 ) on the right of the kid states Child engagement is the right of the every kid , and article twelve provinces Children have the right to be heard and considered in determinations impacting them ( unicef, 2009 ) . In this context partnership does non merely mention to working with other professionals and bureaus but besides working aboard service users and carers as equal spouses. Thompson ( 2000 ) high spots, societal work intercession involves the exercising of power, which if used negatively can reenforce the disadvantages that service u sers experience. Used positively nevertheless power can assist to heighten the working relationship, the results, and authorise the service user. Finally, engagement in strategic planning and service development, research and in the design and execution of statute law, for illustration, our wellness, our attention, our say ( Department of Health ( 2005 ) . Warren ( 2009, p6 ) states that participation, partnership, engagement, and working together are frequently used to encapsulate a broad scope of different thoughts and activities. These footings may sometimes be used interchangeably or can hold different significances for different people, there being no universally accepted definition . This besides states that this is a postmodernist position and that linguistic communication shapes our positions of world. If it is true that there is no understanding in how to specify engagement and it is subjective, comparative and is socially constructed, so engagement could be seen as a procedure instead than an result of intercession which so informs of the ground why there is small research into engagement and measuring results. For illustration, if the research is assessed in quantitative, numeral signifiers, such as inquiring how many persons have turned up to a meeting and got involved, it does non take into history that presence does non intend engagement, engagement can be done in so many other ways. For old ages now Arnstein s ladder ( 1969 ) has informed the pattern of engagement, and has been a cardinal papers in this country. Arnsteins ladder consists of 8 rounds arranged in a ladder form with each round matching to the extent of citizens power in finding the terminal merchandise ; hence, it focuses on the redistribution of power in citizen engagement in a hierarchical society. ( Arnstein, 1969 ) The purpose to engagement is to accomplish a echt partnership between the service user and bureau and although the ladder is a utile tool to find if the results are being achieved and that the bureau is non take parting in the rounds of tokenism or non engagement ( Dungey et al, 2007 ) . However, the undermentioned position of engagement suggest that Arnsteins ladder has for a long clip now gone uncontested and when looking at engagement we should take a critical stance on Arnsteins ladders and seek out other methods in order to be better informed. Tritter and McCallum ( 2006, p156 ) province that despite its importance in determining thought, this theoretical account continues to be applied uncritically , and argues that for Arnstein, the exclusive step of engagement is power to do determinations and prehending this control is the true purpose of citizen battle . Thus, the different rounds on the ladder relate straight to the grade to which citizens have attained determination doing power with complete citizen control being defined as the highest point ( Tritter and McCallum 2006, p157 ) . However, the battle of user engagement is complex and persons will explicate their ain significances and action that reflect in their ain positions of what engagement is and how they want to affect themselves. For illustration, a service user can take part and consequence determinations without really holding to hold the power to do a determination, and hence, Arnsteins ladder is constrained by a specific conceptualization of activism, su ch as hierarchies of power and that engagement should be procedures that are authorising and enabling at four degrees: system, administration, community, and single ( Tritter and McCallum, 2006 ) . Collins et Al ( 2006 ) besides agrees with this and suggests that Arnstein s ladder, with its focal point on power, is deficient for doing sense of engagement at a conceptual or pattern degree. Warren ( 2009, p50 ) states that different degrees of engagement of may be appropriate for different persons and groups of service users and carers at different times and contexts . Therefore, the ladder does non recognize the diversity of services users who may seek different degree of engagement in relation to different issues and at different times, it merely recognises the hierarchy of power which assumes that service users have a end and a step of this is non accomplishing full power and small chance to measure the person or groups engagement. Thompson ( 2000 ) discusses that power can be a complex issue that operates on different degrees. Quinney ( 2009, p33 ) states that shared power is a non hierarchal construction where power is shared but duty and answerability demands to be clear. Power sharing can be hard to negociate and is complicated by power being located and experienced at the personal, professional, and social degree . When service suppliers seek to affect service users, they frequently do so in order to derive feedback so that they can do alterations and betterments to their services. What this rule asserts is that attacks to engagement should besides be designed so that service users are personally empowered by the experience. In other words, there should be a bipartisan, instead than a one-way benefit. A good illustration of where things can travel incorrect in footings of engagement is when service users feel that their positions have non been listened to or taken earnestly, which can hold the consequence of doing people experience disempowered instead than empowered. Adams et Al ( 2002 ) states that In order to accomplish meaningful communicating, the societal worker demands to be able to construct a relationship with trust ; the kernel of partnership is sharing. It is marked by regard for one another, function divisions, and rights to information, answerability, competency and value accorded to single input. Each spouse is seen as holding something to lend, power is shared, determinations are made jointly and functions are non merely respected but are besides backed by legal and moral rights ( Tunnard, 1991 ) . In an overview of research from SCIE, Carr ( 2004 ) suggests that people are being involved and take parting, nevertheless, this research shows that it is ill-defined to what degree and impact that persons have on result, which suggests that better monitoring and rating demand to be addressed with service user which integrates function and feedback in the whole engagement procedure. Crawford et Al ( 2002 ) point out that the ultimate end of service user engagement should be the publicity of wellness, quality of life, or overall user satisfaction with services. However, these results are frequently hard to mensurate, they can take a significant sum of clip to go apparent, and the nexus with the engagement of services users and carers can be hard to turn out . Overall, the grounds base is by and large weak in the country of rating of user and carer engagement. Few documents examine the results of user engagement for the assorted stakeholders and the existent result steps are ill conce ptualised ( Carroll et al, 2007 ) . The issues involved with researching service user engagement are complex and sentiments are frequently polarized as it is in its babyhood, with many practical, ethical, moral, methodological, and philosophical inquiry unanswered ( Grant et Al, 2007 ) . No set theoretical account of how to take part Although there are expressed demands to measure how commissioners and suppliers are affecting their users, nevertheless there are fewer centrally set marks to asses this. Truman and Raine ( 2002 ) claim that there has been a long tradition within the voluntary sector of centering the planning and bringing of services on the demands of users. However, how this is managed can take to tokenism, for illustration, a service may name themselves user led, but in fact when the information from service users is interpreted by workers/ directors this reading can be lost in linguistic communication ; A service may affect service users in planning meetings but when implemented in pattern the workers can utilize their ain reading of this. Tokenism occurs when an administration feels satisfied that it has ticked the boxes, yet the world is experient really otherwise by service users and carers. Heikkila and Julkunen ( 2003 ) province that user particiaption and user engagement have two really different significances and that engagement is implicative that service user activity has an impact on the service procedure in some manner, whereas, engagement suggests that service user are engagement in a activity merely as sources. INVOLVE WEBSITE PUBS 3 theoretical account societal single and social. Put this and what its about as a presentation to particaption. Look at all three and analyse. Research Barriers to engagement As Is have already discussed above power is the biggest barrier to engagement, there are many more barriers which need to be discussed. Barriers are historical, fiscal, physical and attitudinal. Kenyon Et Al, ( 2002 ) specify entree as the procedures by which people are prevented from take parting in the economic, political and societal life of the community because of decreased handiness to chances, services and societal webs, due in whole or in portion to deficient mobility in a society and environment built around the premise of high mobility. The reappraisals indicate that organizational civilization and construction besides needs to react and alter in order to suit new partnerships and new ways of working with people who have frequently been oppressed and marginalised. There are things to larn about advanced and corporate attacks to engagement and alteration from user-controlled administrations such as Centres for independent/inclusive life and self protagonism strategies. Administrations require policies and processs ( formulated with service users ) that engender positive political committedness and minimise opposition to user led alteration. User-led research could usefully uncover more about the function of professional Alliess in advancing alteration. Healey ( 2000 ) highlights the demand for us to recognize the productiveness of power, and argues that by concentrating on power as merely being oppressive ignores the positive dimensions of power. to be sensitive to the issues of power and instabilities to recognize the power instabilities Healey ( 2005 ) discusses the pattern rules and how the societal worker should follow a positive and optimistic attitude towards service users, working in partnership with them so solutions to jobs are developed collaboratively. Tokenism occurs when an administration feels satisfied that it has ticked the boxes, yet the world is experient really otherwise by service users and carers. It is besides indispensable to observe that user engagement takes topographic point on different degrees ( Truman A ; Raine 2002 ) , 1 ) at a national and local degree ; 2 ) in the planning, organizing and pull offing services ; and 3 ) in organizing single attention Barriers to engagement Good pattern Deductions for sw authorization, info sharing ECT Policy and statute law